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A Conversation: "Leaf by Niggle" by JRR Tolkien

You are invited to a conversation on "Leaf by Niggle," a short story by JRR Tolkien, author of the Lord of the Rings. "Leaf by Niggle" is about an unsuccessful artist who obsesses over his work: instead of efficiently completing his canvas of a vast tree, he “niggles,” spending long hours detailing leaves, giving each and every one its own individual character. "Leaf by Niggle" is commonly thought to allude to the creative process and spiritual beliefs of JRR Tolkien, a devout Roman Catholic.

To access the "Leaf by Niggle" story online, click on the following link:

Also, please bring a leaf, real life, drawn, painted, sculpted, or photographed, with you to the discussion.

When: Sunday, September 21st, 9:45 a.m.

Where: Trinity + St. Peter's (in the theater)

Cost: there is no cost for this event

Contact: for further information, please contact Cynthia Cravens,, (415)386-0262