Education Forum This Sunday

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What a fun day some of us had, Monday. There was a buzz of activity around the church grounds. Here and there, people were discovering historical treasures and others were gardening and cleaning the sacristy.

Such fun, when people join together and solve some of the historical mysteries of this world? It may have seemed that this was just a clean-up day, but it was more. A time to laugh, a time to celebrate MLK Day. More, we all came to know a little more about each other and to appreciate the gifts in our midst.

This is how the church grows and flourishes in this world. A big “thank you” to all who helped!!

I do want to thank Lewis Campbell and his readers. They brought together the writings of Martin Luther King and a wonderful way, Sunday. The chapel was full and my hope is that the wisdom of MLK will remain alive and vibrant in our hearts.