We Say Goodbye

  Taken at Trinity†St Peter's Episcopal Church San Francisco May 25th, 2014

Taken at Trinity†St Peter's Episcopal Church San Francisco
May 25th, 2014

Images from the Celebration of the ministries and friendship of Fr Evan Ardley and Fr David Forbes . They have guided us though very uncertain times and shared their gifts freely and liberally. Today was a wonderful day as we honor them and look forward to the coming of our new priest in Charge, Rev. Trish Cunningham, June 1st. We are an ever evolving church and all are welcome to join us in building an exciting future!

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Departure Prayer for Evan Ardley and David Forbes
May 25, 2014

We each experience gifts throughout our lives, but often don’t recognize them as such or fail to realize how extraordinary they are. 

We give deep-seated thanks this morning to David and to Evan for walking into our lives when we needed them most. We bless their depth, their sense of hope, the fundamental faith that underlies their cores of being, their unequivocal voices for justice,  their humor,  their provocative sermons that are free of cliché and their gratitude for the glory of being. 

We give praise for ministries that have touched our lives deeply, ministries that, in Huxley’s words, reflect “the sense of the world's fundamental all-rightness in spite of pain, death and bereavement.”

May the next steps in Evan’s, David’s and Toby’s journeys be ones of enrichment, purpose, love and wellness of spirit and of body. 

And may they carry with them the love of the people of Trinity†St.Peter’s who are grateful that they have added to the treasure of our lives.