Coming in the Fall 2018

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Episcopal 101   4 Sundays in September    1-2pm

  • Why are we called the "Episcopal" church? 
  • What does Henry VIII have to do with us? 
  • History, Theology, Governance and more
  • Meets Sept. 2, 9, 16, and 30
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Christianity through buddhist eyes

What can we learn about our faith by gazing at Christ through Buddhist eyes? What is similar between the two paths, what is different? 

4 Sundays in Oct. and Nov.   1-2pm 

Meets 10/14 & 21.  11/ 4 & 11

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Slivers of light in a season of darkness

         Sundays in Advent   10-10:45 am

Where do you find hope in dark times? Poets and writers address the themes of Advent to provide wisdom for challenging times. We will read poetry, reflections and Scripture as we prepare for the coming of the light at Christmas.