Circle Suppers Begin Again

 Circle Suppers have been a long tradition at Trinity+St. Peter’s. Groups of parishioners come together for a potluck supper. The goal is always food, fun and fellowship. It is also an opportunity to get to know your fellow parishioners, not just as the people who sit next to each other in the pews on Sunday mornings, but also as human beings with jobs, families, hobbies, interests outside the church. While no subject is discouraged, Circle Suppers are not held for discussions about church or religion, nor are they for adult education. They are purely social affairs where we learn about each other, and perhaps make new friends.

 How does one become part of the Circle Suppers? It’s easy: just sign up. You will be assigned to a Circle Supper group (usually geographically determined.) 

 Those people who are able to host indicate that when they sign up and tell us the number of guests they can accommodate (usually between six and twelve.) It is up to each host then to set a date when they can hold a supper. The host is responsible for issuing the invitations and coordinating the menu. Hopefully, guests will pitch in with setting up before, and cleaning up after, the supper.

 IMPORTANT!! You do NOT need to be a host to participate. Not everyone has the ability or the space to entertain. There are always enough people who can and do host.

 So if you are interested in participating in Circle Suppers, please see Steve Roger at Coffee Hour on Sunday or e-mail him at srogerinsf@yahoo.comor telephone (415) 431-4326.

 Circle Suppers are a lot of fun. Sign up and join us!

P.S. If anyone has pictures of past Circle Suppers, please e-mail them to Steve Roger,