TrinitySt. Peter's Clergy and Staff

Br. Karekin Yarian, BSG, Parish Administrator,

Mr. Robert Gurney, Director of Music,

Mr. Bruce Huston - Taizé Officiant

Ms. Sandy Kameron, Taizé Cantor

Mr. David Miles, Building Manager,

Ms. Lois M. Webb, Archivist,

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TrinitySt Peter's Bishop's Committee, and Other Personnel (with *);

Mr. Patrick Andersen, Senior Warden; Ms. Terry Speiker, Junior Warden;  Mr. Scott DeBonville; Mr. Steve Roger; Ms. Murrey Nelson; Ms. Sandy Kameron; Mr. Mike Chambers, Treasurer; Ms. Lois M. Webb, Asst. Secretary

Services at TrinitySt. Peter's Church

Choral Holy Eucharist, Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

Evensong:  First Sunday of the month  5pm


Taizé Candlelight Meditation, Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. 


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Robert Gurney, Music Director with the Trinity†St. Peter's Chior

Robert Gurney, Music Director
with the Trinity†St. Peter's Chior

Congregation singing in unison.

Congregation singing in unison.

Trinity†St. Peter's Chior

Trinity†St. Peter's Chior

Testimonials — See what our guests and members are saying about their visits to our Church.

I was raised Presbyterian till age six, and then moved to Japan. The Christian churches there introduced me to Sunday school, where I found the priests and teachings forced and not open to discussion or exploration. This turned me off and I found myself exploring my spirituality through more open religions like Buddhism and even through the practice of martial arts. In 2009, I moved to San Francisco and through my girl-friend was introduced to Taizé here at Trinity†St. Peter’s. The music moved me and eventually I found myself wanting to get involved. As I began to come to Sunday services I found the sermons to be on point with my personal progressive beliefs, and I quickly realized that this Church had what I wanted. They had the diversity, the openness, curiosity and forward thinking that was kin to my soul. Soon after, I reaffirmed my faith and was baptized here at age 35. I began to build close relationships with many in my congregation and found my daughter’s Godmother and Godfather here. We also baptized my daughter here on Easter. This is my church.
— Clay Burton
I started coming here in ‘94. There was no big ah-ha, but as I came the love I felt hear grew and grew. I started going to the Adult Education Forum in the mornings, and began to dig deeper into myself, my beliefs and the word of God. Soon after I found that I really wanted to reaffirm my faith as a full fledge adult and found I was really into this community and church. Haven’t looked back sense.
— Charles Wood
This is my home church. I was brought up Jewish, I’ve been baptised here, I love all the people very much. I don’t know any other church and I belong here.
— Deborah Sanders
My wife and I started at St. Peter’s more than 25 years ago and discovered Christianity for Adult minds. A few years ago St. Peter’s joined with Trinity and we found people of like mind, body and soul. A beautiful marriage has occured over the past two years and we feel that this is our place to be.
— Patrick Anderson
I like Trinity because it gives me the spiritual, mental and physical rewards, the congregation and most of all the music, I have been seeking for a long time.
— Steven De Gracia

Requests for New Nametags.

For all those who would like to have a new nametag, one with our unified name "Trinity+St. Peter's" on it, please use the sign up form below.  For those who prefer a low-tech solution, there is also a clip board with a sign up sheet on the nametag rack.

Requests should indicate specifically how you would like your name to be spelled on your nametag. For example, someone named "William Smith" may wish to have their name printed as "Dr. Bill Smith".

There is room on the name tag for up to two extra lines of information, such as "Deacon", "Molly's Husband", or "Love's to Paint".

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