The Week of July 11th through July 18th, 2018.

This Week at Trinity†St.Peter’s
July 11th, 2018
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Regular Worship Schedule

Celtic Contemplative Service
9:00 a.m. Sundays
Choral Eucharist
11:00 a.m. Sundays

Taizé  7:30 p.m.  Wednesdays


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Above: Painting of John the Baptist by Leonardo Da Vinci, created circa 1516 (this week's Gospel reading is Mark 6:14-29, in which John the Baptist figures predominately)

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Those Serving....

Sunday, 7/15/18, at 11:00am:

Presider: The Rev. Patricia Cunningham

Organist/Choir Director: Robert Gurney

MC: Roger La Clear

Lesson: Bruce Huston

Epistle: Sherry Hawley

Prayers: Steven De Gracia

Healing: Michael Wolfe

Ushers: Scott DeBonville, David Cunningham

Guide: Greg Potts
TSP Calendar of Special Events

Above:  Panting of "The Feast of Herod and the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist," by Benozzo Gozzoli, 1461

Wed, July 11       7:30pm Evening Taizé Worship Service
Sun, July 15         Eighth Sunday after Pentecost 
                            9am Celtic Contemplative Service
Celtic Service now held in St. Mary's Chapel * 
                            11:00am - Choral Eucharist Service
Coffee Hour follows: contributions welcome! * 

                            * Scroll below for more info


                             Also, please mark your calendars for the following events:

                            July 28th & 29th: when we will cheer on Team Change
                            during the San Francisco Cup to be held at Union Square.

                     Sept 2nd: A monthly service of evensong, followed by a concert.  
                     The program will continue on the first Sunday
                     of each month in the Fall, ending in December. *

Light One Candle for a Weary World:       

We live in a world where sensory overload has become the norm.
Stress and worries follow us even into the solitary refuges of our minds.
Suffering and brutality, the signs of a spiritual ‘climate change’, show no signs
of abating and we begin to feel that there is nothing we can do.

The beauty of Taizé is in the gathering itself.           

We come together and raise our individual prayers and intentions.
Gathered together we lift to God’s presence, in the quiet of our hearts,
all that is in need of healing in the world, in our community, in ourselves.
Gentle music and candlelight prepare the way for our prayers and meditation.

       Experience Taizé.        

Change the world one prayer at a time.

This Evening's Service includes readings inspired by / from  

Psalm 137, "Summer," by Parker Palmer, and "For an Absence," by Wendell Berry

Reading Inspired by Psalm 137: 

Plunge into the Ocean of Love

Where heart meets heart,

Where sorrows are comforted,

and wounds are mended....

This Week (July 16th), 

the Episcopal Church Calendar Honors

"The Righteous Gentiles"

"The Righteous gentiles" (often conflated with "The Righteous Among the Nations," a title awarded by the State of Israel) refers to non-Jews who risked their lives during the Holocaust to save Jews from extermination by the Nazis. 

Left: Image of a monument to "The Righteous Among Nations" in the gardens of Yad Vashem, Israel.
For more information about "The Righteous Gentiles,"
scroll down to the "Expanded Entries" section
at the very bottom of this newsletter

A Change for the Celtic Service
As of Sunday, July 8, the 9am Celtic Service will take place in St. Mary's Chapel. Now that we have free use of this exquisite space, the smaller chapel area is the perfect setting for this quiet, intimate service. For those unfamiliar with the service, we begin with several lovely Celtic pieces played on baroque flute by David Miles. This is followed by ten minutes of silence before a Service of Word and Table that is shorter than the later service. Come and join us for this casual, reflective service! 

Evensong: Monthly beginning in September
A monthly service of evensong, followed by a concert and reception begins on September 2nd. The program will continue on the first Sunday of each month in the Fall, ending in December. Evensong is a choral version of Evening Prayer, with choir and chanting. Many people find it to be a beautiful way to wind down after the weekend and get ready for the week ahead. More details about the concerts and receptions to follow. Suggestions welcome. Spread the word! 
Adult Christian Education

Meetings at TSP....

Are you a lifelong learner?

Brain researchers tell us that our brains are more plastic than previously thought.

Therefore it is important to keep them active all our lives.
You can meet this goal as well as the goal of learning more about your religious tradition by participating in Adult Christian Education this fall.

Here is a list of potential offerings. Please feel free to add a suggestion of your own:
  • Episcopal Tradition 101: What is our history and theology? A 6-week class.
  • Bible 101: How was the Bible written? What does it contain? What does it not contain? How do Anglicans read the Bible? A 6-week class.
  • Mary Magdalene: A Saint for the 21 st Century. A 6-week book study and discussion.
  • Buddhist perspectives on being a Christian. A 6-week book study and discussion.
  • The Letters and Life of Paul: A 12 week class and group discussion.

Questions? Contact Pastor Trish,
"Elegy" American Nostalgia" 

featuring works by Robert Amrheim

When: Exhibit runs from Sunday, July 1st through Wednesday, August 15th

Where: Imago Dei Art Gallery, Trinity + St. Peter's Episcopal Church (lower level),
            1668 Bush Street, San Francisco
Below Right: Image of marinated
cheese cubes...yummm!

Coffee Hour Ministry...
             Hungry After the Service?


Most of us seem to be! Can you bring something to share for coffee hour? We have enjoyed the generosity of Eula, Marina and Terry for the past two years, but this model is not sustainable.

We are a small group and we all need to contribute if our tradition of a generous "brunch," after the service is to continue.  Can't bake? No problem, next time you are buying food for yourself, pick up some cheese, or fruit or goodies for your friends at church too.

Don't worry--if you like it, someone here will too! In the coming months, you will be asked by a coffee hour team captain to bring something for coffee hour.* 

Thank you in advance for your contribution to our community life. 

~  Pastor Trish 

*Please bring all food “ready to serve” as preparation and clean up facilities are limited.

TSP Rally(ies) in Support of SSUSA's (Street Soccer U.S.A.*) Bay Area Cup,

Saturday, July 28th & Sunday July 29th *
We are nearing our annual Bay Area Cup in Union Square on July 28th & 29th and we want YOU to come out and support! This is the San Francisco SSUSA team’s biggest event of the year. It’s our time to bring awareness to Street Soccer USA and raise funds to support our work.

We have the opportunity to showcase players from our Youth Programs, Community Clubs and Adult Program in an awesome location - Union Sqaure. Additionally, we have Corporate Partners and Sponsors play in a "Corporate Cup" and individuals from the community at-large who sign up with their buddies to play in the "Open Cup."

If you’d like to support the cause, the Street Soccer Coaches are raising money to support Street Soccer USA.  Click below if you’d like to support:

Many Thanks -
Trinity St. Peter's
Community Action Team

* Street Soccer U.S.A. is a national non-profit that serves vulnerable young people (homeless youth, youth without stable housing, youth without supportive social networks, formerly incarcerated youth) by providing them community; access to social services; access to vocational and life training; and (of course!) regular, challenging, and fun opportunities to play street soccer.

News from the Treasurer....

At the Bishop's Committee meeting on June 24, 2018 I reported our pledge income was $60,188.08 versus our budgeted $54,166.65. Our total income was $128,702.05 versus a budgeted $115,259.45. Our total expenses were $177,150.53. We have experienced higher than expected expenses for repairs and maintenance, insurance, utilities and outside services (primarily security). I will be presenting a revised budget at the next Bishop's Committee meeting in July. If you want to pledge to TSP, please email me at or call/text me (415) 385-5962. There are also pledge cards in the pews. Please remember that donations made on our website go to our Building Fund. If you have a matching gift program at work, please consider donating to the Trinity San Francisco Opportunity Center. Donations to the TSFOC will go to maintain our church property. If you shop at Amazon Smile, please consider designating the TSFOC as your designated charity. Please see below for additional details regarding your donations to the TSFOC.

Thank you for supporting TSP!­­­­­­­

~Mike Chambers
  TSP Treasurer

Donating to Trinity+St. Peter's Episcopal Church

One way to provide financial support to TSP is donating to the TSFOC (the Trinity San Francisco Opportunity Center Inc.), a secular 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to maintaining our church property and promoting our mission outreach. The tax identification number for the TSFOC is 94-3356269. 
If there is an employer's matching gift program at your work, please consider donating to the SFTOC through that program. 

You can also support 
TSP through your online purchases: via the Amazon "Smile", Amazon is able donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to the Trinity San Francisco Opportunity Center Inc.  

Additional ways to contribute to the financial health of our church are via the Collection Plate during regular worship services, and transferring money via your bank. If you're donating cash to the Collection Plate, please put your donation in an envelope with your name on it; if you're donating via your bank, please use our Gough address (1620 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA, 94109).
From the Diocese/ Episcopal News Service....

Episcopal Church Leaders Protest Trump Immigration Policy Outside Detention Center

Hundreds of Episcopal Church leaders from around the country protested the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy outside a detention center in Taylor, Texas, on Sunday.

Go here to read more:


The Diocese of California to Provide International Leadership on Climate Change

On September 18th, 2018, the Diocese of California will host the opening ceremonies of the International Global Action Summit, a gathering of people from around the world to showcase climate action and inspire deeper commitments from national governments, and each other.
This Week (July 16th), 

the Episcopal Church Calendar Honors

"The Righteous Gentiles"

"The Righteous gentiles" (often conflated with "The Righteous Among the Nations," a title awarded by the State of Israel) refers to non-Jews who risked their lives during the Holocaust to save Jews from extermination by the Nazis. 

Left: Image of a monument to "The Righteous Among Nations" in the gardens of Yad Vashem, Israel.

Prominent "Righteous Gentiles" included the Archbishop of Greece, Damaskinos Papandreou; Italian Champion Road Cyclist, Gino Bartali; British Secret Intelligence Service Officer, Major Francis Edward Foley; Chinese diplomat for the Republic of China, Ho Feng-Shan;  Dutch-American social worker and psychoanalyst, Marion Pritchard; Japanese vice consul for the Japanese Empire in Lithuania, Chiune Sugihara; Swedish architect, businessman, diplomat, and humanitarian Raoul Gustaf Wallenberg; Polish social worker, humanitarian, and Polish Underground Fighter, Irena Sendler; and German industrialist, and, ironically, member of the Nazi Party, Oskar Schindler. 

The State of Israel has recognized these individuals in many ways, including installing monuments to them in the gardens of Yad Veshem, Israel's official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. 

The Collect: 

Rite I:

Lord of the Exodus, who dost deliver thy people with a strong hand and a mighty arm: Strengthen thy Church with the examples of the Righteous Gentiles of World War II to defy oppression for the rescue of the innocent; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.